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Resources accessed on this site are peer-reviewed scholarly articles generated by VUU staff, students, friends of VUU, and academics worldwide. WE also store student dissertations on the site. Papers and articles on development, public health, and ICT4D are particularly welcome.

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Recent Publications
2017 Master's Dissertations

Alfred Lakwo, "Unlocking Uganda's 'Yellow Middle Class'. Retirement Financial Security"
Adalbertus Kamanzi, "Strategic agency-based power centres not an option but a reality. A Challenge for International Development studies" 
Alfred LAKWO, "The Quest for Financial Inclusion: A Case of Community Microfinancing in West Nile, Uganda"
A. Kamanzi, D. Bashemela, T. Mdendemi, "Victimizing the Victim: Unveiling the Gender-Based Abuse Narrative in a Higher-Learning Institution"
Alfred Lakwo, "Risks and Asset Poverty in Rural West Nile Region, Uganda"